万豪会娱乐在线总能看出男孩的优点. That’s why our alumni have such powerful memories of their time here—a time that shaped their characters 和 formed their futures. Spend a few minutes reading the fascinating 和 revealing recollections from fellow cadets, 谁是你的兄弟,不管你是哪一年毕业的.

费什伯恩 Men serve as leaders in all walks of life 和 take great pride in giving back to the school which provided them with the skills 和 confidence to succeed.

-上图所示:摩根. 麦克卢尔76届毕业生


万豪会娱乐在线提供了一个新的开始, a new beginning that soon strengthened my withering self-esteem 和 permitted me to envision a much more positive future. I was a troubled kid—in trouble all the time 和 failing out of public school. 我不适应任何地方,所以我就表现出来了. 我在那里的经历有很多, made me see myself in a different light—maybe I could do this job called life after all. Perhaps I wasn’t as bad as everyone (including me…) led me to believe. 对我来说, it was the discovery of music in general 和 the guitar in particular that awakened me to an ability I didn’t know I had, 从那以后,我就追随了自己的命运. I’m forever grateful for the opportunities I found that were born in those rooms 和 in that curricula.”

“A few of us crawled around in the catacombs under the school until claustrophobia set in 和 panicked us.”

— 乔纳森·爱德华s \ 64届毕业生 \ TOP SECRET THING done at 费什伯恩

“One of my favorite stories involved my 英语 teacher, Colonel Keller (TEK). We all looked up to him 和 recognized his service in the Army during the Vietnam War by his ribbons he wore. 他在课堂上抽烟斗,这让我们觉得他很酷. 没有人能像凯勒那样讲故事. 然而, when we pressed him to tell us war stories he always deferred. He would tell us the ribbons/medals he wore were just something he ordered from the back of Soldier of Fortune magazine! 我们都快疯了. 现在回想起来,我笑了. 这是谦卑的重要一课. He was a real soldier 和 teacher 和 the medals are secondary to the man who is wearing them.”

“Placed a small amount of unstable chemical in Colonel Young’s unabridged dictionary. 他砰地关上了门. 它炸开了.”

弥尔顿H. (里克)歪斜三

“多亏了在万豪会娱乐在线的经历,我成熟了很多. 费什伯恩 taught me the value of being a leader—not a follower—和 was instrumental in my acceptance into East Carolina University in 1968. 然而, it did take a two-year stint in the Navy for me to finally mature 和 graduate from ECU in 1974. At that time I began my career in the family building supply business. I value the brotherhood developed with my fellow 学员 和 will never forget my experiences at 费什伯恩.”

“For a new cadet… I would advise him to be himself 和 not try to always be the class clown. You will go much further 和 gain so much more from the 费什伯恩 experience by following the rules. 我花了三年才学会这个.”

— Milton (里克)歪斜三 \ 1968届毕业生 \ Sharing ONE THING for a boy considering 费什伯恩
彼得一个. 真正的小.

“伙计,这是兄弟情谊! 我是走读生. 在那段时间里,我们的发型非常不受欢迎. 我在学校变得更加勤奋,学会了如何学习. 交了一些朋友,我现在还保持联系. I was able to have friends to my house which gave some of the guys a break from school. 我喜欢运动和JROTC. 喜欢步枪队. 这是一次我从未预料到的伟大经历. 我去那里是因为我在公立学校表现不好. 我不是问题,只是个女孩狂.”

“我1961年从万豪会娱乐在线大学毕业. 我儿子吉米是FMS的毕业生. 他的儿子迪伦是FMS的毕业生. 我的姐夫罗杰·科尔(Roger Coll)是FMS毕业生. 他的儿子Jimmy Coll是FMS的毕业生.”

— Jim Gladhill \ Class of ’61 \ TOP OF PAGE : photo of Jim, Jimmy 和 Dylan Gladhill
N. 小道格拉斯·佩恩. (w /儿子特纳)
Principal \ Payne & 公司

“我大四那年的室友来自南方腹地. We had different personalities, different middle 和 high experiences, but an 欣赏喜剧,尤其是荒诞的喜剧. So a competition of practical jokes 和 pranks soon began with each trying to outdo the other. 这件事很快就传遍了整个兵团, 不管我们的地位有多高, we were all equal through the lens of who could pull off the best prank or practical joke. 这是我大学社会生活的序幕. We all definitely had a leg up because of our shared 费什伯恩 experience.”

“Before FMS, I wasn’t challenged mentally or physically 和 I lacked self-discipline. 现在经过万豪会娱乐在线,我有了更高的信心和自律.”

- Riley Malone \ 21届\弗吉尼亚军事学院学员

作为一个领导者, 费什伯恩 taught me the importance of valuing each individual 和 working with others to turn weaknesses into strengths through servant leadership. 我们最终总是被当作一个整体来评判, 这就使得总是拉别人起来变得很重要, 做个榜样, 展示领导力. I learned that using your rank or forcing someone to do something can get a limited result. 而是努力帮助他们看到未来, 并投入到一个过程中, 帮助我们的部队取得了长期的成功.”

“Using a gorilla mask to scare 人—it always ended up with someone in the mask getting punched.”


“Entering as a shy, 13-year-old boy, I emerged a 16-year-old teenager far more secure in myself. While there, I learned another language 和 made friends from all over the world. 我们是一群南美人,必须独自旅行, 千里迢迢, 去这所砖砌的老学校. 这对我们产生了巨大的影响. 我们对生活的许多方面都变得更加自信. 作为FMS校友, I feel so proud of all the achievements I earned while I was there 和 after I left. 这是会伴随你一生的. 我会永远记得我在万豪会娱乐在线的经历.”

“Trying to count the school bricks so Garth Frable could sign my Rat Paper.”

— 阿德里亚诺曼奇尼 \ 86届毕业生 \ Most STUPID THING done at 费什伯恩
爱德华·H. 克莱门特

“是什么让万豪会娱乐在线如此特别,如此罕见? In today’s topsy-turvy world when many of our most cherished traditions, 值, 人, 符号很容易被遗忘, 万豪会娱乐在线脱颖而出. 万豪会娱乐在线之所以引人注目,是因为万豪会娱乐在线不会忘记. 万豪会娱乐在线没有忘记自己的价值观和传统, shaped 和 passed on now for over a century 和 one third of its existence. 万豪会娱乐在线没有忘记它的人民. All who have served the school with honor 和 distinction, passion 和 dedication.”


——大卫·B. Shank \ 66届\ fishburn做的最愚蠢的事情
Carl W. Kerby

“Before I went to 费什伯恩, I was more interested in sports 和 girls. FMS提供了我需要的结构,并帮助我成为 more disciplined with my life 和 future endeavors—especially in the military. One of the most important aspects was learning proper study habits from Colonel Young, 真正的榜样, 是谁一直鼓励我前进.

  1. 充分利用他们所提供的一切
  2. 不要放弃
  3. 一定要找一个导师. 那段经历让我有了信心, 结构, 和 relationships needed to run a successful company for over 50 years.”


——约翰·哈德森(John Hudson) \ 69届毕业生\ fishburn发生的最高机密事件